Extreme Commuting May Increase Costs, So You May Need Extra Coverage

If you live far from your workplace, and you drive to and from work every day, then you are engaged in what is called extreme commuting. Here are some reasons extreme commuting may see your auto insurance rates rise:

Increased Risk of Car Damage

An extreme commute is not good for your car; many parts of your car are built to last specific mileages before being replaced. The more you drive, the more wear and tear your car faces; this weakens your car and makes it susceptible to damages. For example, a worn-out car is more likely to be damaged upon hitting a pothole than a car in a good condition.

Increased Risk of Accident

The more you drive the more you are likely to be involved in a crash; a motorist who drives 20 miles to work is more likely to be involved in a crash than another one who commutes 5 miles to work. This is the case even if you are a careful driver because accidents happen even to the best drivers (after all, the other road users may not be as careful as you).

Increased Annual Mileage

If you live far from your workplace, then your commute alone will contribute substantially to your annual driving mileage. Now, many insurance companies will give you a rate discount if you keep your annual mileage below a certain limit, but extreme commute can easily surpass this limit, thereby increasing your rates.

Since extreme commute exposes you to more risks, it makes sense that you may need extra coverage to protect yourself from some of these risks. Here are some of the extra coverage you may find useful:

Rental Car Coverage

You shouldn't be late getting to work or miss work because your car has broken down; few employers allow such excuses. Rental car coverage will provide you with a ride to use if your car is damaged and needs to be fixed.

Towing Coverage

If you do get involved in an accident on your way to work, you don't need to be stranded because you don't have the means to tow your car to safety. Unfortunately, that is the situation you may find yourself in if you don't have towing coverage. Towing coverage is not just for getting your vehicle to the mechanic; it may also come in handy if you encounter a tire blowout and don't have a spare or need help changing it or if you get locked out of the car.