Hair Weave Installation And Styling: Insurance Issues

Hair extensions, or weaves, are becoming popular as people want to change the look of their hair without cutting it or overprocessing it. These extensions look more natural than ever and can be installed through taping or sewing the extensions into braids and other hair. Because the extensions are securely attached, your clients will be able to treat them like their own hair. However, you should consider these weave styling insurance issues to protect your styling business.

Secure General Liability Insurance

At the very least, general liability insurance protection should be purchased. That's because anything can go wrong while working with someone's hair. If, when you're removing extensions, you cut a client's natural hair instead of only the extensions, for example, that's when this basic insurance could be helpful. If someone slips while walking across your floor because of water spilled from washing hair, that's another instance where insurance is needed.

The need for this kind of insurance is multiplied if you've enlisted other weaving stylists to work with you. Even if you're not the person who is working on a client's hair, you could be one of the parties held responsible if something happens in the building or space you own.

Investigate Insurance for Errors and Omissions

After you've installed a weave for a client, they'll go home and care for the extensions themselves until they want the weave removed or reinstalled. This means that they're likely to brush, heat, wash, and style the extensions out of your sight. However, if there is a problem, they may attempt to say you were the reason for whatever happened. Because you sometimes cannot be sure if they were simply brushing the extensions too hard or using hot curlers when you told them not to, errors and omissions insurance could be key. This supplemental insurance can help with issues like this.

Consider Upgrading Auto Insurance

If you'll be transporting hair extensions, curlers, dryers, and other equipment off-site for wedding weave styling or extensions for other special events, you may want to examine your existing vehicle insurance policy. You may need an upgrade or change because you're using the vehicle for business, and you also want to have insurance for the expensive extensions and equipment that you'll have in your vehicle.

Speaking with a business insurance agent about all these issues can provide direction about what policies are best. Protecting your extension styling business will be a wise move for you and employees. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at Welsh Insurance Agency Inc.