Why Add Matching Siding Coverage To Your Mobile Home Insurance?

While mobile home insurance has many of the same benefits as the insurance you might have on a regular house, you need specialty coverage for this kind of mobile or manufactured structure. So, as you look at policies, you should think beyond their core coverage to ensure that you give your home as much protection as possible. Some insurance companies offer extra options that you might find useful. For example, you can add matching siding coverage to some policies. How does this coverage work and what are its benefits?

What Is Matching Siding Insurance?

If your mobile home has exterior sidings, then these materials might get damaged in certain events. For example, hail, high winds, and storms can pull pieces of siding off a home. You'll have to repair or replace these areas to fix the damage. While some mobile home insurance policies cover you for these events, they often only deal with the costs of restoring areas that were damaged. So, you might only get money to cover the costs of installing new sidings to the affected parts of your walls.

Matching siding coverage also protects your home's sidings in the event of accidental damage. However, this insurance helps you cover all the sidings on your home — even the ones that weren't damaged — when you have problems matching products. For example, when you make a damage claim, your insurer pays your core repair costs as usual. However, if you have problems matching replacement sidings with your original ones, then the insurer pays you a set amount towards the costs of removing and replacing all the sidings on your mobile home.

What Are the Benefits of Matching Siding Coverage?

If your sidings have been up for a while, then you don't have any guarantees that you'll get an exact match if you need to replace some of them. The manufacturer might have discontinued the line or made changes to it. The comparable sidings you can use now might look different from the current materials you have on your mobile home. So, the products you use to replace damaged areas won't look the same as the undamaged sidings.

While this is a cosmetic problem, it might also affect the value of your mobile home if you want to sell it later. Some buyers will find it less attractive if its sidings look patched and badly matched. You might have to pay to have all the sidings changed. If you have matching siding insurance, then you get extra help if you can't match new and existing sidings. Your insurer helps you cover the costs of a full replacement if you need it. Your extra coverage costs will be a lot lower than paying your own replacement costs.

To find out more, contact mobile home insurance policy providers.