What You May Not Know About Home Fire Insurance Coverage

Home fire insurance is a coverage that most homeowners have. This is usually supplemental insurance to your base home insurance policy. Like other homeowners, you may know the coverage is there, but you may not know exactly what it covers. Here are some of the coverages you may not know about and how they affect your home. 


You may not consider fire explosions as something that needs coverage for your home. There are times when an explosion can happen. Certain appliances, such as gas stoves, can explode during a house fire. This means you have damage from the fire itself and further damage from the explosion. The explosion of the gas appliance will cause further damage. It can even set off other explosions in the home. For this reason, most home fire insurance coverage policies do cover interior explosions. Explosions can also occur in the wiring of your home and within the walls. Even plumbing and ductwork can become damaged due to explosions from other items or explosions that occur and are directly connected to electricity or gas systems. If you have gas appliances in your home, then having this type of insurance coverage is vital. 


You may notice, in your home fire insurance coverage policy, a clause that covers furnishings. Furnishings can be damaged beyond repair or completely destroyed during a home fire. This leaves you with no furniture and a need for basics like beds. If your fire insurance coverage has a furnishings clause, make sure to understand it well. Make sure you know what the coverage amounts are and what the stipulations for coverage of your furnishings are. 


Appliances, much like furniture, can become severely damaged during a house fire. This coverage makes sure you can replace your severely damaged appliances that may not be under a warranty of their own. Keep in mind that explosions of any gas appliance can trigger other explosions and increase damage to other appliances in the area. This means a gas oven can explode causing damage to appliances in the room such as dishwashers. 

These are just a few of the items covered by your home fire insurance coverage. If you have specific coverage needs or questions about your home fire insurance, contact your insurance provider. They will help you determine the types of coverage you need. They can also discuss supplemental insurance coverage depending on your location and the type of weather conditions you face.