Besides Buying Insurance, Other Insurance Services You May Want

So, insurance companies sell insurance; that is just a given. However, there are some insurance services you may not be aware of, or maybe you are not sure how they can benefit you. Here are examples of some of those services. Digital Driving Data Collection Some insurance companies boast lower interest rates if you are willing to plug a device into your car and drive around with the device for a for a few months. Read More 

Hair Weave Installation And Styling: Insurance Issues

Hair extensions, or weaves, are becoming popular as people want to change the look of their hair without cutting it or overprocessing it. These extensions look more natural than ever and can be installed through taping or sewing the extensions into braids and other hair. Because the extensions are securely attached, your clients will be able to treat them like their own hair. However, you should consider these weave styling insurance issues to protect your styling business. Read More 

Three Types Of Personal Insurance To Protect Your Finances

When it comes to personal insurance, you may already own an auto insurance policy or homeowner's policy, but there are other types of insurance plans that can help you protect your income. If you are looking for more ways to insure yourself against the unknown, consider the following options. Mortgage Disability Insurance You may already purchase disability insurance through your employer. Some employers offer short-term and long-term disability coverage, which require a deduction from your paycheck to cover the premiums. Read More 

Extreme Commuting May Increase Costs, So You May Need Extra Coverage

If you live far from your workplace, and you drive to and from work every day, then you are engaged in what is called extreme commuting. Here are some reasons extreme commuting may see your auto insurance rates rise: Increased Risk of Car Damage An extreme commute is not good for your car; many parts of your car are built to last specific mileages before being replaced. The more you drive, the more wear and tear your car faces; this weakens your car and makes it susceptible to damages. Read More 

Use These Tips For The Cheapest Auto Insurance Coverage In Your Area

However, it is usually not advisable to go with the cheapest policy available because it may not offer you full protection. What if you are not too concerned with full the protection and just want the cheapest coverage available – period? Maybe you are out of work and would want some protection instead of going without any coverage whatsoever? In that case, follow the following tips to get cheap auto insurance coverage: Read More