Can A Low Credit Score Result In High Premiums?

A common misconception is that all you need is a good driving record to get a low rate on auto insurance. In reality, car insurance providers consider a number of factors when calculating your insurance premiums, and your credit history is one of them. Even if you have a pristine driving record, you may still be charged more for coverage if your credit score is poor. Here's what you need to know about this issue. Read More 

Worried About Car Insurance Premiums? Use These Tips To Keep Costs Under Control!

Whether your policy is brand new or you've already renewed it countless times, when it comes to insurance, controlling your rates are important. Fortunately for customers, policy rates aren't entirely set in stone. Using these tips, you'll hopefully be able to keep premiums low by avoiding unnecessary rate increases and taking advantage of discounts whenever possible. No Accident Is Too Small To Report It's a common misconception that you don't need to report an accident to your insurance company if you and the other party involved are satisfied that no damage occurred. Read More 

4 Questions You May Have About Life Insurance Medical Exams

Having life insurance is a great way to protect your family if something happens to you, but it can be very expensive. When you apply for it, the insurance company is likely to require a medical exam, which can be frightening so some people. If you are ready to apply for life insurance and have to undergo this type of exam, here are four things you should know. Why Is This Required? Read More 

The Age Of The Hacker: Why Malpractice Insurance Is More Important Than Ever

The recent cyber attack on Sony shook the entertainment industry, but the implications were far from limited to Hollywood players. With so much information stored digitally, sensitive personal information is always just one click away from being discovered by unwelcome parties. And while malpractice insurance and dental malpractice insurance have always been an important part of protecting healthcare professionals from financial distress, these insurance services are more essential in the cyber era. Read More 

Save Your Insurance From Winter Accident Claims With These Tips

Winter weather in many regions of the country means finding yourself driving in the snow. Since your risk of an accident is likely to increase during the snowy season, it's in your best interest to take every possible step to reduce your risks and stay safe if something should happen. Here are some tips to help you be safe on the road and protect yourself if you're in an accident or stranded. Read More