3 Tips For Working With A Water Damage Claims Adjuster

When your home experiences water damage, you need to make sure that you report the damage to your insurance company on top of cleaning it up. Water damage is one of the more frequent types of claims that insurance companies deal with. When it comes to working with an insurance adjuster on the claims process, there are some steps you need to follow to ensure your claim is accepted. 1. Record Proof of the Damage Read More 

Why Add Matching Siding Coverage To Your Mobile Home Insurance?

While mobile home insurance has many of the same benefits as the insurance you might have on a regular house, you need specialty coverage for this kind of mobile or manufactured structure. So, as you look at policies, you should think beyond their core coverage to ensure that you give your home as much protection as possible. Some insurance companies offer extra options that you might find useful. For example, you can add matching siding coverage to some policies. Read More 

Good Reasons To Get Commercial Truck Insurance

As a business owner of a fleet of commercial trucks that are driven by employees, there is a risk of a financial loss when least expected. For example, if one of your drivers gets involved in an accident, your business can get sued by the other party and possibly have to pay out thousands of dollars. When a business is small and just getting started, such a lawsuit can easily lead to the owner having to shut down the business due to a depletion of business savings. Read More